Rosie Allerhand

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/Deva Palmier
  Laura who has a difficult relationship with Jess, her stroppy seven year old, is devastated when she dies and all she wants to do is join her up in the skies. But when Laura tries to kill herself, a poltergeist stops her by storming through her home. Laura can’t help but recognise her daughter’s hot tempered nature in this turbulent little tornado and wants to offer her some maternal love.劳拉与杰西的关系很不好,杰西是她七岁的女儿,当她去世时,她非常伤心,她想做的就是和她一起上天空。但当劳拉试图自杀时,一个恶鬼闯入她的家阻止了她。劳拉忍不住意识到她女儿在这场汹涌的小龙卷风中脾气暴躁,想给她一些母爱。